Jess Harbour - W&HM Cover Model by Py Pai

Jess Harbour in blue bikini top

Jess Harbour

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Q&A with Jess Harbour

W&HM: Dog, or cat, or ...?
Jess: I am a huge dog person, I like dogs more than people most of the time!

W&HM: Carnivore or vegetarian?
Jess: I have recently become inspired to go Vegan, I'm loving it in every way.

W&HM: Favorite dish?
Jess: Dessert.

W&HM: Wasabi, Tabasco, or Sriracha?
Jess: I love the burn from wasabi, yum!

W&HM: Professionally cooked or home made?
Jess: Professionally cooked! But I do love experimenting in the kitchen.

W&H: What's your lunch today?
Jess: A salad, I love my veggies.

W&HM: Three words describing your personality
Jess: Bubbly, sweet, and relaxed - but I'll let you decide.

W&HM: One sentence to sum up your modeling experience
Jess: I have loved traveling the country, meeting so many different types of people, and working such a variety of different modeling jobs!

W&HM: Two pieces of advice for new models?
Jess: 1. Never ever pay for a manager, agency, or lessons - they should only ever take 20% max from your check.  2. Your portfolio is only as strong as your worst picture - if a client sees an angle they don't like, they are likely to not pick you. Always choose quality over quantity!

W&HM: Most favorite quote you can share with us
Jess: "Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you with out leaving happier."

W&HM: Favorite city to live?
Jess: San Diego, California.

W&HM: Dream place to vacation?
Jess: The next place I want to explore is Thailand.

W&HM: Favorite team?
Jess: San Diego Super Chargers!! I love going to games and cheering at the top of my lungs!

W&HM: retail therapy or online spree?
Jess: Retail therapy.

W&HM: fiction or non-fiction?
Jess: Nonfiction. I have always been a bit nerdy and a total bookworm.

W&HM: If you write a message in a bottle, what would it be?
Jess: "Collect moments, not things"

W&HM: if you have $100 now, how would you use it?
Jess: Let's be real here, probably spending it on food!

W&HM: Movie, video or youtube?
Jess: Documentaries on Netflix. I love to watch Netflix and chill :)

W&HM: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn?
Jess: Instagram, I love laughing at memes and looking at beautiful traveling pictures.

W&HM: Driver seat or passenger seat?
Jess: Passenger seat.

W&HM: Air con or windows down?
Jess: I definitely love driving with the windows down and music up on a beautiful day.

W&HM: Most favorite car make, as of today?
Jess: I want a Jeep or Range Rover as my next car!!

W&HM: Beach or mountain?
Jess: How about on a mountain overlooking the beach?

W&HM: High heels or bare foot?
Jess: Barefoot every time 😊

W&HM: Leataher or lace?
Jess: I have so much (vegan) leather - pants, jackets, leggings, shorts, tops!

W&HM: Pajama suit or birthday suit?
Jess: I love wearing a big cozy shirt to bed.

W&HM: Meditation or punching a bag?
Jess: Yoga!! I love getting a great stretch and it does wonders for mind, body, and soul.

W&HM: How people can follow you and/or book you?
Instagram - @jessharbour
Booking email -

Photographer: Py Pai 

Jess Harbour Pictorial


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