Awesome Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers

Sweet Sweet Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers

W&HM: First, please let our readers know a little about yourself and how got into the modeling world...
Nicole Marie: I got into the modeling world as a fan attending carshows such as HIN, NightShift, and FormulaD events even back when D1GP would come out to Cali. From there I took pictures for DSPORT model search and eventually got spotted by Hankook Tires in 2011 and been in the scene since.

W&HM: Coo! What are the perks that you like most?
Nicole Marie: I love seeing familiar faces, being around the cars, the people, overall it makes me feel at home.

W&HM: What would be your pet peeves when you're in a car show?
Nicole Marie: Pet peeves at show? I use to have a lot but now I've learned to just ignore certain things lol.

W&HM: Please share with us what you are working on right now.
Nicole Marie: Currently I'm working on updated my social media. I just redid my IG @nicolemariereckers and made it specifically for my modeling stuff. I'm also working on getting Merchandise ideas together so I can have stuff with me at events.

W&HM: What are some new projects that you can share with us?
Nicole Marie: Recent shoots with Py and my #thunderbuddy Arley Elizabeth, working with Achilles Radial and a few other stuff coming soon.

W&HM: Nice! Now here is a different topic. Could you share a quote that truly inspires you?
Nicole Marie: "Semper Fidelis" I'm not a Marine but the meaning behind it does mean a lot to me. I have loved ones who veterans.

W&HM: Now a totally different topic... What is your most favorite food?
Nicole Marie: Most favorite food has to be a tie between Japanese food, and Mexican food. Anything spicy.

W&HM: That's cool! Do you cook? And do you like to go out of just take out?
Nicole Marie: Yes, I love to cook when in in the mood. Baking is also something I enjoy as well. And take out is mainly on the weekends or when I'm able to meet up with friends.

W&HM: How about spicy foods? Any particular dish you like?
Nicole Marie: I love spicy foods like chicken enchiladas with added tapatio, and I love spicy sushi rolls with added hot sauce.

W&HM: Niceee! Now, if you have a movie for your modeling life, what title would it be?
Nicole Marie: Movie to take for my modeling life? That's a tough one....I can't just think of one, but here's a few I thought of:

1. Pursuit of Happiness - because I'm always focused on what I want in life and go for it.

2. 500 days of "Nicole" (500 days of summer) - because I'm spontaneous and love random adventures.

3. Finding Arley (Finding nemo) - because she is my thunder buddy and she's always on the go and I go where she goes usually, never a boring moment with her, that's why I love her!

W&HM: That's awesome! How about writing a fortune cookie saying for yourself, what would it be?
Nicole Marie: Reality is wrong, Dreams come true.

I believe that if you keep yourself focused on what you want in life or in general anything is possible, it may not happen as fast as you would hope but dreams do come true.

W&HM: Nice! What type of foods do you like most?
Nicole Marie: I love Asian foods, always down to try new things, well most things.

W&HM: Awesome!! Last question, what would you like to say to all the fans in the planet?
Nicole Marie: Thank you for your support and keeping up with what I'm doing next! I wouldn't be where I'm at now if it wasn't for the support I got from everyone.

W&HM: Where can people find more about you?
Nicole Marie: 
IG @nicolemariereckers
Snapchat @nicolereckers
Facebook Like page Nicole Marie Reckers

W&HM: Nice! Thank you so much ! You are so wonderful to work with!
Nicole Marie: Look forward to working together again soon!



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