Leanna Bartlett - W&HM Cover Model

Leanna Bartlett

W&HM: Carnivore or vegetarian?
Leanna Bartlett: Carnivore

W&HM: Favorite dish? 
Leanna Bartlett: sushi

W&HM: Three words describing your personality 
Leanna Bartlett: sweet,fun and adventures

W&HM: One sentence to sum up your modeling experience
Leanna Bartlett: lots of traveling

W&HM: Any advice for new models? 
Leanna Bartlett: Don't be a flake everyone knows everyone in this industry

W&HM: Secret to any success? 
Leanna Bartlett: Keep going never miss an opportunity

W&HM: One recommendation about people relationship
Leanna Bartlett: Trust

W&HM: Most favorite quote you can share with us
Leanna Bartlett: Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

W&HM: Favorite color? 
Leanna Bartlett: gold

W&HM: Favorite coin? 
Leanna Bartlett: 25 cents

W&HM: Favorite city? 
Leanna Bartlett: New York

W&HM: Favorite travel destination? 
Leanna Bartlett: Hawaii

W&HM: Morning lark or night owl?
Leanna Bartlett: Depends on a day

W&HM: Professionally cooked or home made? 
Leanna Bartlett: Professionally cooked

W&HM: Movie or video or youtube? >>
Leanna Bartlett: Movie

W&HM: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn?
Leanna Bartlett: Instagram

W&HM: Driver seat or passenger seat?
Leanna Bartlett: Driver seat

W&HM: Beach or mountain?
Leanna Bartlett: Beach

W&HM: High heels or bare foot? 
Leanna Bartlett: High heels

W&HM: Pajama suit or birthday suit?
Leanna Bartlett: Pajama suit

W&HM: Wasabi, Tabasco, or Sriracha?
Leanna Bartlett: none

W&HM: Meditation or punching a bag? 
Leanna Bartlett: shopping

W&HM: Talk or Text? 
Leanna Bartlett: Text

W&HM: How people can follow you and/or book you? 
Leanna Bartlett: Follow my on instagram @leannabartlett or email me Leannette99@aol.com


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