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Q&A With Angelina Andrada 

W&HM: Dog, or cat, or ...?
Angelina Andrada: I do love both types of pets, but I recently began to love dogs more! I love a good dog that's playful yet cuddley.

W&HM: Carnivore or vegetarian?
Angelina Andrada: Although I love meat in my life, I love fresh veggies and salads!

W&HM: Favorite dish?
Angelina Andrada: My favorite dish would have to be some kind of pasta dish. Love those carbs!

W&HM: Wasabi, Tabasco, or Sriracha?
Angelina Andrada: Sriracha 100%!


W&HM: Professionally cooked or home made?
Angelina Andrada: I absolutely love a nice home cooked meal ☺️ The thought and preparation makes it that much more special!

W&H: What's your lunch today?
Angelina Andrada: Maybe a chicken salad made at home.

W&HM: Three words describing your personality
Angelina Andrada: Fun, loving, and sweet.

W&HM: One sentence to sum up your modeling experience
Angelina Andrada: One WORD would be-- Exciting! No doubt.

W&HM: Two pieces of advice for new models?
Angelina Andrada: A little advice for new models: Just be yourself! You can't get far in any industry without being YOU!

W&HM: Most favorite quote you can share with us
Angelina Andrada: A good friend that had passed away years ago loved this quote so it means so much to me "Love the life you live, live the life you love." - Bob Marley.

W&HM: Favorite city to live?
Angelina Andrada: I've only lived in a small handful of cities, but my favorite would have to be Honolulu. Everyone is so friendly on the island and you're only steps away from getting your feet sandy!

W&HM: Dream place to vacation?
Angelina Andrada: My favorite place to vacation would be anywhere tropical with a loved one.

W&HM: Favorite team?
Angelina Andrada: Angel's Baseball! Gotta represent good ol' Orange County.

W&HM: retail therapy or online spree?
Angelina Andrada: Retail therapy is always the best therapy!

W&HM: fiction or non-fiction?
Angelina Andrada: Fiction. I've recently been devoured in murder mystery fiction novels, they're my absolute favorite. Definitely hard to put down.

W&HM: If you write a message in a bottle, what would it be?
Angelina Andrada: If I wrote a message in a bottle for someone, somewhere to find- I think I would write my favorite quote "Love the life you live, live the life you love."

W&HM: if you have $100 now, how would you use it?
Angelina Andrada: If I was given $100, I would buy lottery tickets for everyone in my family.

W&HM: Movie, video or youtube?
Angelina Andrada: Movie! I'm a movie addict. I would rather cozy up at home and watch a good movie than go out.

W&HM: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn?
Angelina Andrada: I only have an Instagram, nothing else. As much as social media is fun and good for marketing, I love privacy as well.

W&HM: Driver seat or passenger seat?
Angelina Andrada: I definitely prefer to be the driver, I love being in control.

W&HM: Air con or windows down?
Angelina Andrada: I usually love having my windows down, unless it's a good hair day ๐Ÿ˜‰

W&HM: Most favorite car make, as of today?
Angelina Andrada: My favorite car would have to be the Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG ๐Ÿ˜

W&HM: Beach or mountain?
Angelina Andrada: Definitely the beach.

W&HM: High heels or bare foot?
Angelina Andrada: The highest heels.

W&HM: Leather or lace?
Angelina Andrada: Definitely Leather.

W&HM: Pajama suit or birthday suit?
Angelina Andrada: Birthday suit.


W&HM: Meditation or punching a bag?
Angelina Andrada: Punching bag!

W&HM: How people can follow you and/or book you?
Angelina Andrada: Anyone can follow me on Instagram @Angelinabear and my email is for bookings! Thanks everyone who took the time to read my little interview, take care ๐Ÿ˜˜

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