Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Tera Patrick Part 3

Super Talented and Stunningly Beautiful Tera Patrick as Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Celebrity

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
Through the part 3 of Tera's feature, we captured beautiful moments of this amazing super model, super star, and super talented celebrity, Tera Patrick, in a casual and comfortable setting.  We could feel that she was totally at ease with her elements and created an intimate conversation with the viewer without uttering a word.  Her gaze into us could quickly melt any ice in your heart, and disarm any boundaries around you.  On looking again and again on these photos every moves and every looks and every lines and curves of her are simply breathtaking. They are like fine arts that make you want to come back again and again to appreciate the purity of her beauty.  Tera is an ultimate super model and super talent.  We sincerely all models could learn from this amazing celebrity model!

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Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 30 - Tera Patrick
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 30 - Cover
celebrity Tera Patrick, in a brand new large format
all model print magazine, also featuring Victoria Elise,
Veronika Skylee, and Jace Williams, plus car show
models from so-Cal car shows.


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