W&HM Feature Test Shoot Overview

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine
Feature Test Shoot Overview

Why Do We Shoot?

1. To generate works to be considered to be a feature model
2. To create highly professional photos for your strong portfolio!

Where Do We Shoot?
Generally we shoot in our studio, unless otherwise discussed
Our Studio is located in downtown Los Angeles Fashion District
The studio has full facilities (bathroom, electrical outlets, water, snacks)

What Are We Shooting?
1. Stills with three segments
(a) Beauty looks, (b) Hi-end swimsuit, and (c) Editorial glam /top implied (optional)
2. Video (optional)
3. Interview (via email)

What Will You Get From This Shoot?
1. 5 web size fully finished photos that you selected will be provided to you
2. Additional unedited photos may be provided upon request
3. If featured, all published photos and/or e-tearsheets are also available to you

What Not?
1. Make up and hair would not be provided; please come with make up completed
2. Wardrobe would not be provided

What To Prepare?
1. Please be prompt to reply emails/messages

2. Come to shoot with make up done, ready to shoot
3. Prepare 5 poses, 3 facial expressions(*)

* You can check out the inspirational videos at the bottom of the page

What About my Boyfriend or Escort?
1. Boyfreind is not allowed on set.  There are local coffee shops if desired
2. If you must bring a friend, please bring only ONE

Do I Need to Pay or Will I Be Paid?
1. No and No. No money is exchanged
2. Also this is not a TF shoot.  It's a feature test shoot

When Will I be Featured?
It's not guaranteed.  Only approved models will be featured.  It depends on:
(a) professionalism, e.g. prompt communication, modeling skills,...
(b) minimally 10+ excellent photos with 3+ looks from the shoot(s)
(c) our editorial team's approval

How To Proceed Now?
1. PLAN: (T-1 week) a concept plan will be sent to you
2. PHONE: (T-1 day) a confirmation text will be sent to you
3. PHOTOSHOOT: (T-day) the shoot day!

4. PROOFS: (T+1 week) a proof album will be sent to you
5. POSTS: (2 weeks after your selection) the photos will be post processed for you
6. PUBLISH: depending on editorial team review.  It could be weeks or months or not

One Extra Note
Please help us promote the magazine so that it generates more exposure for you as well. Please tag us at Instagram: @wheelsandheelsmag. If you shoot with Py, industry's one of the top photographers, his instagram is @pypaiphoto

What Do You Need to Act Now?
Please confirm that you read and are okay with the above instructions

If you have not provided a phone number for a confirmation text, please do so
If any questions/changes at any time, contact us at info@wheelsandheelsmag.com.

Good Reference Information
Here are some inspirational videos that help your modeling skills.  As you can see, we are aiming at high-end editorial glamour for our features, which showcases beauty, styles, talents and skills. (And we love Coco Rocha for her versatile modeling talents!)

Expressions:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HvqyOe6vsM
Posing 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8YZIL8JZfg 
Posing Advanced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pi-aKAL6bM