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"W&HM / Wheels And Heels Magazine" is a print/pod, web, and social media magazine.  We feature top notch models in our haute "Editorial Glam" style.

We offer exceptional exposure to "W&HM Models" especially among major car show organizers, hiring vendors, and fans around the world.  The models also receive preferential coverage and promotions.  

The high aesthetic photos, from our industry top professional photographers, can be used for your portfolio enhancement, other magazine submissions, and personal merchandise.  

We welcome established models and gifted new talents to send in your info and photos for an opportunity to be featured in our magazine.  


Please send in the followings: 
  1. Five of your recent professional photos (close up and full body)
  2. Your MM Page, or modeling page, or your full stats
  3. Contact Info: phone and email address, and public social media pages/profiles
  4. Can you come to Los Angeles / Orange County, California for the shoot?
  5. Where did you learn about this casting? 
to the email address: "".

Our Instagram profile is @wheelsandheelsmag 


Depending on the quality of the work, your professionalism and your demonstrated enthusiasm in working with us, you may or may not be featured:
  1. Print Edition Feature - if the photos are exceptional, the working experience is excellent (prompt, on-time, well prepared, highly talented), we will do a feature of you either in 4 pages spread or one page highlight.
  2. Web Edition Feature (Main or Xposure Sections) - Sometimes we feature models in our web edition only, if the work does not fit to the print contents.
  3. Not Featured or Reduced Future Coverage - if the photos are not equivalent to our publishing standard, or working experience is poor (poor communication, diva-esque, or flaking), we will not feature the model.  We will even reduce coverage of such models in future events.
Words of wisdom:
- We are like a mirror.  If you are passionate about working with us, we are passionate about working with you.  However the other way is also true.

- "80% of success is showing up." - Woody Allen.  Very true.


If the editorial team selects and approves your test work, you are a "W&HM Model"!  The benefits may include but not limited to:
  • Proven exposure in the industry, through print and web media
  • Priority coverage in all the events that we cover
  • High quality professional photos and tearsheets for your portfolio
  • Preferred gig recommendations to any paid jobs
  • Potential monetary income from merchandise sales
We look forward to hearing from you!  Send your info and photos today to ""

Team W&HM // Wheels And Heels Magazine .

Wheels And Heels Magazine has authenticated and authorized this casting call page, and there is NO other casting call or modelling solicitation advertisement made beyond this page. Wheels and Heels Magazine is not responsible or be held indemnified for any effects or claims resulting from this casting call and work. 

If you see suspicious casting using our name, please contact us at



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