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W&HM: Please tell us a little about yourself.
Ashley Twomey: Well as you know I am a model, actress, makeup artist and hair stylist!  I am from a small town, Victorville born and raised!  I moved to LA to pursue my make up artistry passion, which included brief courses on hairstyling, when I was 18 and ended up falling into the career path of modeling and acting all over again through makeup artistry!

Growing up I did a lot of acting and singing so I already knew about the industry a little bit.  I decided to move to orange county to calm some things down from my LA lifestyle and I started building up my networking through multiple jobs, shoots, and that's when I met the CEO of West coast chill.  Through proving to him by hard work he gave me an opportunity to be a territory manager within his energy drink company.  Within a year I built up a nationwide sales force underneath me and I have been promoted a few times now I'm the global director of sales for the company.
I am still doing modeling, acting and make up artistry even with the busy schedule! I love working auto shows and promoting I love being a spokes model and most of all I love shooting for magazines especially this one ha ha
Other than that a little about myself I'm a really down-to-earth humble girl! I work my butt off in everything I do, I'm really creative and artistic I also can sketch.  I really enjoy adventures and I'm a thrill-seeker I absolutely love being outdoors traveling and experiencing new things! I'm kind of a nerd because I love to learn and read and I absolutely have a passion for writing, but don't get me wrong I'm a badass and know how to have a good time!

W&HM: How did you get started in modeling?
Ashley Twomey: well growing up I always wanted to be a model but no agent wanted me ha ha I guess I didn't have the look at the time that's why I did a lot of acting.  But when I moved to LA to pursue my make up artistry career , I kept getting noticed on set and all the photographers and producers would ask me if I was a model or an actress. I did my first shoot with a very high talented photographer and got noticed because of that and just started networking and marketing myself as the tripple threat -model, actress, and makeup artist! I was very fortunate to get picked up by major brands for print modeling when I first started out, I always tell people I started out the modeling field backwards A lot of the models I have met start off in promotional and then hit the print world. I started off in the print world and now I'm expanding into the promotional and spokes modeling part of it. I absolutely love my modeling career and how many different ranges I can expand it in it's amazing!
W&HM: What are the projects that you are working on now?
Ashley Twomey: Well I'm really trying to step up my game within modeling and acting this year! The Past six months I've been a little MIA because I was trying to structure an entire sales force for the company I work for i'm planning on traveling for them soon and training other states!

I'm also going to be working with a few fashion magazines coming up, a few catalogues, and I'm looking to act again for a few major networks!  I'll be with 2crave again for Beemer fest, I'll be with continental tires again for the Grand Prix all three days, and I'm helping my West coast chill reps set up the Grand Prix with GMG racing we are cobranding with them. I really am trying to get it into excellent shape because I was looking into starting a YouTube serious on different work outs more like "how to's" how to do a proper this and that within fitness. I Will be starting this really soon.

W&HM: What would be your next adventure?
Ashley Twomey: I would really really love to either go to Cabo or Cancun very soon I need a Mexico get away. I want to go zip lining, horseback riding and I want to do some crazy stuff out there It'll be fun! Haha

W&HM: What is your one secret talent that most people don't know about?
Ashley Twomey: I have a nerd agenda people don't know that I'm secretly a genius ha ha just kidding probably the fact that I'm an artist I love to create things and put things together and paint all over it and sketch things. When I'm in the zone I could be creative as hell.

W&H: What is the one achievement that you are most proud of?
Ashley Twomey: The fact that within one year I got promoted to The global director of sales for West coast chill a huge expanding energy drink company.

W&HM: How do you usually solve a complicated situation in life?
Ashley Twomey: take a deep breath and think about how to handle it or by reading the Bible and all my worries are gone and I'm able to handle everything with complete calmness and understanding. Honestly..
W&HM: What is one inspiration quote that you can share with us?
Ashley Twomey: Be the kind of woman that makes other girls step their game up!

W&HM: If you can interview anyone in the world today, whom would you choose?  And why?
Ashley Twomey: I know this might sound so cliché but if it were back in the day I would say Marilyn Monroe,  she still seems to influence and impact people's lives without being present on this earth today that says a lot.  Her career, accomplishments, and just the way she was really have influenced people all around the world even until today. I would like to pick her brain and figure out how she was able to market herself so incredibly that she is still present within today's society.   I would Like to ask her how she figured to set herself apart from other women make herself such an amazing idol.

W&HM: What if you can get a true answer once in a life time, what question would you ask?
Ashley Twomey: what happens to me after this life? :)

W&HM: What is the best way to get to your heart?
Ashley Twomey: The man has to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, kind and funny!

W&HM: What is the feature that people love you most?
Ashley Twomey: I think that a lot of people like that my modeling work is classy I would never model anything I could potentially ever be ashamed of.

W&HM: What do you think the secret of a successful relationship?
Ashley Twomey: I think you need a rock solid friendship from there you develop a relationship with trust, understanding, and loyalty. if you don't have all those three things there's no point in taking the friendship to a relationship it will never work.

W&HM: Where can people find more about you, or contact you for booking?
Ashley Twomey: people can go to my website and if anyone would like to book me feel free to email me at !! :). Thank you and looking forward in meeting new fans and working with new companies!

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W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 26

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 26 - Ashley Twomey
50 pages, published 4/1/2015
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 26 - High quality magazine of cars and models and motorsports. Cover models Ashley Twomey and Ryan Oso with feature models, Darrian Arch. Car event coverage includes 2015 DUB LA show, 2015 Formula Drift Tech day, 2015 Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff, and more


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