Veronika Skylee - W&HM Feature Model

W&HM Feature Model:
Veronika Skylee

The Petite Blue Eye Blonde Bombshell From Russia


Veronika Skylee is a striking model.  When you first see her, you would be stunned by her crystal blue eyes and a perfect golden blond hair.  You may have seen many blonde models through out our coverage and features.  However, Veronika is special, in a personal way.  It's the moment that you speak with her, you immediately feel at ease that she is like a great friend to you.  She does not have that high-nose diva attitude, which she could.  Her striking look did not spoil her and she remains true to her pure sense.

We have covered Veronika several times in various events in Las Vegas, most notably in CES shows in the last few years.  However, Veronika took a big turn after school and has been focusing on modeling stronger than ever.  She has been extremely busy with her new platform, and garnished a great deal of popularity!  We are super excited about her new modeling direction and can see her stardom rocketing to the high sky!


W&HM: Please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Veronika, I am originally from Russia and have lived in the states for 7 years. Most people can't tell that I am from a different country because I have virtually no accent.  My hobbies include traveling, learning new skills, reading and trying new things.I love fast cars and anything that can give a good adrenaline rush :)

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin with focus on Entrepreneurship and hope to own my business one day.
W&HM: How did you get started in modeling?
It all started for me a few years ago at a hair show, where I came to an audition by chance. My friend invited me to come along and I was selected to be one of the main models. From there I met more people and have grown my portfolio to include diverse experiences such as trade shows, promotions, brand ambassador and event management work. I have expanded my portfolio to work as a print and commercial model and aspire to be published in Playboy one day :)

W&HM: What are the projects that you are working on now?
I keep pretty busy in Las Vegas with my job at a day club doing VIP bottle service. I enjoy the networking opportunities it presents and I like making sure everyone is having a good time :) I also do a lot of independent modeling work and shoot with photographers who need to build up their portfolios or need my look for a specific project.
W&HM: What would be your next adventure?
My next adventure would be to tackle the real estate industry in Las Vegas and possibly So Cal as well. I see an opportunity there as I have always been good with sales and people are not going to stop buying houses any time soon :) I am hoping to get in to luxury real estate and real estate investing.

W&HM: What is your one secret talent that most people don't know about?
As mentioned previously, I am from Russia, so since I do not have a prevalent accent people do not believe me that I am from Russia until I start talking in Russian language :)

W&HM: What is the one achievement that you are most proud of?
I would say the achievement I am most proud of would be moving out here to the states by myself. It is not easy to handle everything on my own at times but I am proud to be doing it!

W&HM: How do you usually solve a complicated situation in life?
Everyone faces a challenging situation at times and my way of dealing with that is having a positive outlook no matter what. I have learned that if you just trust that things will work out, they usually do :)

W&HM: What is one inspiration quote that you can share with us?
" We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." - Buddha

W&HM: If you can interview anyone in the world today, whom would you choose?  And why?
If I could interview anyone today, it would have to be Warren Buffet. I would like to know how he became successful and how he is able to stay disciplined enough to live below his means :)
W&HM: You are absolutely amazing!  Thank you so much!  Look forward to working together again soon!
It was my pleasure, thanks for having me :)


If people need to contact me for an opportunity, they can email me at or follow me on Instagram at @eurolvdoll. Thank you!!


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