Jennifer Irene - W&HM Cover Model by Py Pai

We are in great luck to have our multi-cover-model, Jennifer Irene to grace our #28 issue again!  Here we learn more about this awesome model and talent!!

W&HM: Dog, or cat, or …?
Jennifer Irene: I can’t choose between dogs or cats because I equally love both the same. I, myself, have two cats and two dogs.

W&HM: Carnivore or vegetarian?
Jennifer Irene: I am definitely a carnivore. While i’ve considered going vegetarian before, i just don’t see myself giving up meat. Tacos, Steaks, hot dogs, and chicken are some of my favorite dishes.

W&HM: Three words describing your personality
Jennifer Irene: Fearless, Ambitious, generous

W&HM: One sentence to sum up your modeling experience
Jennifer Irene: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, so don’t knock it until you try it.

W&HM: One recommendation about people relationship
Jennifer Irene: How you make other people feel says a lot about yourself, so treat people how you want to be treated.
W&HM: Most favorite quote you can share with us
Jennifer Irene: And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln
W&HM: Favorite coin, internationally?
Jennifer Irene: Favorite coin? Hmmmmm….. i have never thought about this one or paid that close attention to coins. But off the top of my head I would have to say the american silver dollar coin. It’s rare and a collectors piece.

W&HM: Favorite travel destination?
Jennifer Irene: PARIS!!!!!!!! It’s the most romantic city i’ve ever been to.
W&HM: Morning lark or night owl?
Jennifer Irene: I’m definitely a night owl. They say that the early bird gets the worms…. but i hate worms. So forget that idea!
W&HM: Professionally cooked or home made?
Jennifer Irene: Home made for sure! I love to cook and try new recipes. Why depend on other people to do it for you when you can just learn to do it yourself!

W&HM: retail therapy or online spree?
Jennifer Irene: I hate the mall like the plague. I prefer online shopping spree. You get better deals and it gets delivered right to your doorstep.

W&HM: if you have $100 now, how would you use it?
Jennifer Irene: My BMW could use a detail. lol. Is that less than $100? haha.

W&HM: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn?
Jennifer Irene: Are you asking which one I prefer or what my links are? (I prefer instagram)

W&HM: Driver seat or passenger seat?
Jennifer Irene: I like to be in control of the speed and the stick! Driver’s seat for sure :P

W&HM: Air con or windows down?
Jennifer Irene: Fresh air in my hair… windows down or topless.
W&HM: High heels or bare foot?
Jennifer Irene: The higher the heel the closer you are to heaven! High heels for sure!

W&HM: Pajama suit or birthday suit?
Jennifer Irene:As lady gaga says, you were born this way. Birthday suit indeed!

W&HM: Leather or lace?
Jennifer Irene: why can’t i have both? LOL. Alright alright… if i HAD to choose I would choose leather. It’s consistent with my bad girl persona.

W&HM: How people can follow you and/or work with you?
Jennifer Irene: You can email me at
You can also follow me on social media at…
snapchat JenniferIrene1
Instagram @JenniferIreneOfficial
Twitter/kik @JGmodeltalent


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